Sarita Maharjan

Sarita is an acclaimed portrait artist currently based in Birmingham,UK. She is reknowned for her ability to produce realistic, meticulously crafted oil paintings. Sarita is well trained multiskilled artist. She has been painting for more than 18 years.

Sarita has taken part in many exhibitions and workshops around the globe. She has developed a good client base in UK, USA, Nepal and Australia. Currently she is focussing on her solo exhibition with the theme of 'Connection' where she talks about various aspects of life including feminism.


28th May - 20th June 2018 The Viking Cruise British Art Prize 2021 - Virtual Exhibition
28th Jan 2021 Editors's Pick Watercolour gallery 2021
1st Mar - 31st Mar 2018 Open All Media 2018, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
24th Aug - 30th Sep 2018 Metropolis, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
9th Mar - 9th Apr 2016 Open All Media 2016, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
7th May - 13th Jun 2015 Prize 2015, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
25th Feb - 28th March 2015 Open All Media 2015, Royal Birmingham Society of Arts
25th Sep - 9th Oct 2011 Handle with Care - Duo Exhibition
25th Sep - 9th Oct 2011 Postgraduate Degree Show, University of Wolverhampton
7th August 2010 Varsha Women Art Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts
15th June 2009 - 22nd June 2009 Solo Exhibition - Silent Wishes, Nepal Art Council
3rd April 2009 Garbage Out of Thin Air, World Wide Fund Nepal
26th September 2008 Painting Workshop, Nepal Orthopedic Hospital
14th March 2008 NEDNEP, Art Exchange Program between Kathamandu University Centre for Art & Design and Gerrit Reitveld Academy Amsterdam
23rd April 2007 Art Competition / Exhibition, SAP - Nepal
12th Jan 2006 Art Exhibition, Nepal Academy
7th Jan 2006 Art Competition / Exhibition, Commercial Artist Association of Nepal
4th September 2005 Contemporary Painting Workshop / Competition, Junior Chamber International and Nepal Jaycees
28th January 2021 Winner of 'Artwork of the Month' organised by Artists & Illustrator magazine
7th September 2019 Honoured by Pasa Pucha Group, London
24th August 2017 Highly Commended by Royal Birmingham Society of Artists